Friday, July 9, 2010

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

As a Divorce lawyer, I have had many clients bring me evidence of a spouse's or opposing party's bad or contradictory behavior obtained from a posting on Facebook. Over the past several months I have come across many cases where a party will post things on Facebook that contradicts their statement, complaints or other documents filed in a Divorce or Custody case. This recent article highlights potential pitfalls of posting Facebook when going through a legal matter in Family Court? I would love to get your input as to any similar experience you may have had or whether you think this type of information should be allowed? Your comments are welcome.


  1. бык и человек видео

  2. Very interesting thoughts. I think facebook could definitely be a help for cases, providing thoughts and emotions of how people are.

  3. It's amazing how much social media is being used in family law. In Australia, it's estimated that photos/comments from social media are being used to discredit people in 20% of Family Court proceedings. In the UK, a spouse’s behaviour on Facebook is now cited in a third of UK divorces in which unreasonable behaviour was a factor. Unfortunately, social media's impact on family law does not stop there - as it’s also now a major tool for divorce-related bullying (e.g. continuing communication, posting nasty messages, hacking accounts, etc). Family Law Portal