Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When Should you get your Legal Fees paid during Divorce?

When is it appropriate to be awarded your legal fees and costs from the opposing party in your Divorce case? Judges have the discretion, subject to certain factors and considerations. Get a professional opinion regarding your case.


  1. Hi. I find your blog very informative and I visit here often just to learn a new thing or two. I'm just afraid references to write-ups and other published work regarding the topics are too technical. Maybe next time you can write a bit more about your discussion topics and make sound a bit more friendly to the ordinary guys? Just a suggestion, though. Of course your blog is entirely your own and follows the style you have set for it. Thanks.

  2. Teena: Law is still a business, Teena. =)
    But yeah, this blog is informative. Of course, when we want everything explained to us in a dumbed down version, we will have to pay consultation fee.